We have been treated to some really cool innovations over the years from smartphones to super computers to artificial intelligence. We are almost at the midpoint of 2016 and let’s take a look at some of the trends in the innovation space that we must keep an eye out for. This will be a treat for all you folks looking for a sector with amazing potential to invest in.

Streaming over cable

As more and more of mainstream television is broadcast over streaming devices, the need for cable TV is dwindling even further. With internet speeds looking to surpass gigabytes and enter the terabytes per second zone even for homes, streaming services are thriving. The need to record and pay for traditional forms of viewing the news, your favourite drama etc. has been replaced with on demand and pay per view services. Constant hardware breakthroughs by internet service providers will provide an even faster internet experience in 2016.

Device convergence

Specifically, the convergence of the desktop, laptop and smartphones has started growing rapidly. Microsoft has started this trend of innovating hardware devices that are smartphone or tablet sized that easily handle desktop functions. This change is very much driven by the need of the average consumer so much so that even Apple has followed Microsoft in creating a laptop/ tablet interchangeable hybrid. This convergence is set to continue at an accelerated pace. You can follow all these trends are more at http://newsecutech.com

Virtual Reality

If you had a large chunk of change to invest, then this would be one avenue that is definitely worth pursuing. VR headsets aren’t just for games these days too. A notable event in 2016 is the launch of the Oculus rift for the consumer market. Other companies like Sony and Samsung have also promised VR integration. Sony has even said these will be compatible with play stations. In the fitness space huge developments are being made too. Remember how running in the gym on a tread mill can be gruesome and boring? Well new 360 screens are being placed surrounding treadmills that offer the runner an immersive experience so that they feel like they are running outside.

Smart & Cleaner Cars

Elon Musk, the real life iron man has brought about some great changes through tesla. The continued development has resulted in some exciting Tesla launches in 2016. The adoption rate is set to accelerate even further with more countries installing electric charging stations everywhere. Japan for instance has set a record with having a charging station every few miles. We are also waiting for google to launch a few more of their self-driving cars into service that are devoid of human error. This might be a tricky subject to make predictions about as google ( now known as alphabet) tends to sometimes make products that are a bit too advanced for the current market. Google glass is a great example of that.


The high profile smartwatch launches of yesteryear from apple and pebble definitely left much to be desired. Whilst these smartwatches are useful they are definitely not viewed as something that is essential. With wireless integration evolving these devices have a fresh lease on life. They have taken over some segments like fitness and health but we are still waiting for that cutting edge innovation that makes it essential for the average joe, in 2016.