You can ask anyone and they would agree that humans have advanced with great strides when it comes to technology but what about advancements in beauty? Most people would be caught completely off guard by this question and I can’t really blame them. But a fact which is pretty unknown to most people is that there has always been a relationship between the advancements in technology and beauty.

How is this done you ask? Well the main purpose of technology is to make life easier this is done by automating simple tasks or by simplifying complicated processes. Now let’s come back to the very close relationship between the technology and beauty industry. History tells us in whichever time period there has been some sort of advancement in technology you can directly see the same thing in the beauty industry as well. This is the case because as humans get smarter and are able to make normal everyday tasks easier they always try to use the same advancements in technology to make themselves more beautiful.

Consider this that the wide use of cosmetic products started during the industrial revolution which allowed for mass production of beauty products and thereby making them affordable for the masses. The purpose of this post is to discuss the biggest technological influences on the beauty industry that not only changed the industry but will likely continue to do so well into the future. I will mention this beforehand that it’s not possible to mention all technological advancements that have changed the beauty industry because then I would be writing this for weeks but I will simply just mention the biggest 2 in my opinion.

1.  Social Media

This technological factor has to be and will continue to have the biggest impact not only on the beauty industry but also on what we perceive as beautiful or ugly well into the future. Social media can be used to ask friends or other people if a particular look or hair style suits you or if and how you should alter it. Social media is also used to discuss the latest fashion trends and other people’s opinion on them.
If you have some sort of skin problem or you don’t like your hair color you can even join some social communities who will help and guide you in the right direction. This personal connection that social media allows to be made makes it a very powerful tool in affecting on what people perceive to be either beautiful or ugly.

2.  Beauty Product’s

The availability of advanced beauty products which at one time you would have been lucky to find in your local salon but now can buy and use in your own home easily has to also be one of the biggest impacts on the beauty industry as well. These beauty products make the beauty experience personal allowing women to do much more from their homes. Beauty products vary widely now from hair dryers, curling irons, to specialized devices such as an at home laser hair removal machines, epilators and at home laser wrinkle removers.

As you can read above these beauty products have many different uses and most women buy the products that meet there needs and they believe work the best. For example, many women might use an at home laser hair removal machine but if they want they can try a hair removal epilator if the laser hair removal machine does not meet there needs.

This option of choice in the beauty product industry really promotes a culture of innovation which has helped this industry grow at such a fast pace. If you plan on using a hair removal epilator its recommended you read some reviews and buy the best epilator for women and the same advice goes for other beauty products. The down side of having so many options in the market has to be choosing any product in the store and being disappointed with your choice make sure you do some research.