When you think about planning a wonderful trip for winter vacation, you must seriously consider the option of spending quality time in Golden Circle Iceland. The Golden circle has always been a popular place to visit for the travelers worldwide and it covers an area of 300 Km which offers beautiful landmarks in every short period of time.

Golden Circle Iceland

Personally, I have visited Golden circle once and it is not hard to conclude, the trip being the most memorable time of my life. Now, if you are not able to spend a complete week driving through popular Iceland’s ring road it would be ideal to hire a car on rent and plan to drive small Golden circle route.

It is a perfect option for the individuals who have a pretty tight schedule and still desire to make a visit to beautiful Iceland. Generally, people do prefer the option of self-driving rather than joining a tour as it will simply allow them to stop anytime, relax and enjoy beautiful site scenes.

With self-driving at your own pace, you can click pictures anytime and no need to rush which makes the journey more comfortable. You can easily spend lots of time petting Icelandic horses and can even wait patiently to capture the perfect shot of passing clouds.

Stress-free driving across Golden Circle Iceland will entirely depend on when you are visiting. With not many people living in Iceland, traffic is a myth once you are able to cross the city region. In summers, you need to be a bit more careful and try to have close look at herds of sheep crossing the road.

Definitely, in the winter season, there is plenty of thick ice on the road so driving might become bit daunting task. You can’t predict weather conditions in Iceland as a sunny morning can easily turn into snowstorm within few hours.

If needed, you can make use of official Iceland website which reveals the exact real-time road conditions. Occasionally, the wind can create some issues as sometimes they do become strong enough to throw your open car door.

There are plenty of locations to visit when you are visiting Golden Circle Iceland. You can easily begin your journey with the first stop to Þingvellir National Park and enjoy the first look of mountains covered with snowfall. It is extremely pleasing to see beautiful valleys with large farms and Icelandic horses.

Making a move on from Þingvellir National Park, it would be ideal to have next stop on Haukadalur which is basically a geothermal area, 60Km away from National park. Here you will find, earth boiling hot water and it smells like rotten eggs. Another important place to visit is Gullfoss Waterfall.

The waterfall has always been the center point of attraction of travelers visiting Golden Circle Iceland. It produces thick mist and frequent rainbows which you will remember for rest of your life.

Traveling to Golden circle is just like grabbing a golden opportunity with both hands which will fulfill your life with countless memorable moments.